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Case Study - ContentPlanet

ContentPlanet - platform to connect authors and publishers in need of a new content (mainly for SEO).


Make copywriting easy!

The client idea behind the project was to to design a place where you can easily and quickly order an article on any topic. Thanks to the convenient online payment, the whole ordering process can be done quickly and easily.

Project name



Business Support


Fullstack Development


Web Development

Our Challenge

Build scalable marketplace for articles for both publishers and authors where no other system would be necessary to take part in the process.

How we made it happen

We built sophisticated platform which allowed for registration and payments settlements between authors and publishers. Admin panel made it possible to manage the whole process in one place. For example you could manage authors and publishers, moderate texts or issue invoices and contracts for the authors. From the client’s point of view, it is a complete CRM, as well as an important element of accounting and financial systems. Due to the nature of the industry as well as the need to verify both the authors and the articles written by them, we implemented functionalities necessary for the client. They included approving authors after they write texts of appropriate quality (a partially manual process), as well as verifying the uniqueness of the texts written by them (a fully automatic process). After we launched the website, we took over the tasks related to its maintenance as well as further development.

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