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Case Study - RODOGen

RODOGen is a web platform that was created in connection with the introduction of a new law on the protection of personal data, i.e. GDPR, in the European Union.


Be GDPR protected!

New regulations imposed a number of obligations also on website publishers. They had to not only correct many previous documents (e.g. existing rules and regulations or privacy policy) but also publish a lot of new information such as information obligations which described the purpose of processing personal data.

Project name



Law Services


Fullstack Development


Web Development

Our Challenge

Create a robust platform to update terms and conditions in accordance to GDPR regulations.

How we made it happen

For large companies, adaptation to the new regulations was not a problem because they use professional legal services and can hire lawyers, but smaller and medium business owners faced a challenge. RODOGen was created to help to adapt to the regulations and to ensure compliance of websites with applicable law. In practical terms, RODOGen is a generator of documents to be published on a website. Based on a survey that collects information about a conducted activity, we generate a set of documents with links to them that should be posted on the website. We provide hosting and document updates, and as part of the subscription, the clients can be sure that the documents are always up to date – we change their content when applicable regulations change.,

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