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Wspomagam (in translation: “I support”) is a website whose purpose is to connect foundations and people who want to support them.

Support foundations!

The website allows for publishing information about the current needs of foundations and for easy donations through integration with the operator of fast online payments. Thanks to this, we are able to present information on current fundraising progress and the amount missing for its completion.

Wspomagam Project Scope

We were responsible for creating the website – both in terms of graphics and programming. We prepared not only an attractive website for users but also a convenient admin panel – for handling both the website and the cooperating foundations. We also dealt with acquiring foundations for cooperation and marketing activities that made it possible to obtain further donations.In the case of, the key factor was not only the security of user data but also full transparency during the settlement of payments. That’s why we integrated ourselves with the leading payment operator in Poland and took care of creating a solution that allowed for transferring the payments directly to the foundations, bypassing the operator of the website itself.
Web DesignCreate graphic design for website
Front-endFront-end (i.e. HTML, CSS and JS)
Back-endBack-end (i.e. PHP) and database administration
Server administrationServer administration